Celebrities Can't Tell You What to Stand For. Let them Entertain. That's What They Do.

Not long ago, I picked up an "O" magazine. Most of you immediately know that "O" magazine is Oprah Winfrey's namesake magazine, which has all sorts of goodies in it. I have actually enjoyed browsing through her magazine over the years. There's tons of information, fashion, health advice, "my favorite things", and of course usually a celebration of a powerful woman who has contributed in her purpose to the advancement of humanity in some way.

The copy that I picked up had a blurb on the front that encouraged people to "take a stand" or something of that nature for the causes and injustices that we see in our culture today. What shook me was the idea that this article wanted to suggest causes for a lost soul to take up. This, to me, was a dangerous thing to do. Why? Because we have so many people who are looking for purpose. Which we should all be doing, if we haven't found our purpose for being here yet. I took issue with the idea of this publication suggesting things that it felt was important in the earth.

I believe that each one of us has or will at some point in our lives be struck by something that makes us so uncomfortable that we can't sleep. I believe that it will either cause us to lose sleep or cause us to dream about it. This is implanted, by our Creator.

Each person...with a purpose to BE.

Each person with a purpose to DO.

Each person with a purpose to MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

I can't give you your passion. You can' give me my passion. It is found on the inside of us. Passion is a heart matter. It is stumbled across, It can sometimes be discovered through service, through parents, through reading, writing or listening to music. It can most definitely be found in the presence of God. It can even be found through listening to someone else talk about their passion.....but one can never suggest a passion.....for another. It just doesn't work that way.

What's yours?

What do you stand for?

Oprah can't give you a cause. She cannot suggest one.

No one can suggest a passion FOR you.

No one can tell you what to stand up for.

This article, this blog is for the unbeliever and the believer.

I pray you find your STAND during this time of rest and reflection.

Thank you for joining me on my blog!

I love sharing my heart with you and sharing what I believe is on the Father's heart during seasons and times.

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