A Time to Mourn and A Time to Dance

In response to the horrific turn of the law, there has been an uprising. If we look back over the years, we would have never thought that a law sanctioning the killing of babies up to their date of birth would ever be considered or even talked about. The Bible tells us in 2 Timothy 3:13 that "evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived". This is an example of evil men becoming worse and worse. Satan has no end to his pleasure. As he sees that his time is almost up, his attempts to deceive and to take as much of humanity with him as possible grows.

Join us on the "Day of Mourning" for children in the womb. Stand in Agreement with us, just as our President did in his State of the Union Address last night.



So often we feel like we can't make a difference in the world on issues as large as this. So often, the world tells us that unless we are marching, yelling, screaming, protesting, legislating...we aren't doing much and we should take several seats, but if you are willing to speak up and not be silent about the injustice, if you are willing to stand on the side of the Father and to speak as one who doesn't agree with this satanic agenda, if you are one who will get into your prayer closet and pray about this and any other injustice...YOU are making a bigger difference than you realize. You are the water dripping on the rock. You are the warrior who sees what they don't see and you understand that this is SPIRITUAL. And since this is SPIRITUAL, it must be fought FIRST AND FOREMOST.... SPIRITUALLY.

2.23.19 #LETSGO

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