Infanticide. An Issue of the Heart.

This is a heart issue. This is an issue that reveals the heart of a human being to the core. Attempting to have a discussion about how or why this could possibly happen or even why perhaps it should ... is telling. There is no discussion. There is no double talk or spin that can be had here. There is no rationalization that can be made in any way. There just is none. I’m concerned if you attempt to point a finger at anyone else to make light of this.

You should be concerned if you find yourself doing that as well.

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Statistics show that :

💓 58% of all women having abortions are in their 20’s.

💓Black non-Hispanic women have the highest abortion ratio.

💓Black women’s abortion ratio has reached 444 abortions per 1,000 live births, while non-Hispanic white women’s abortion ratio is 124 abortions per 1,000 live births.

💓37% of women having abortions are white, 37% are black, 19% are Hispanic, and 7% other races. This is while being only 12% of the female population

💓 According to the Guttmacher Institute, “Women who obtain abortions are predominantly poor or low-income, in their 20s and unmarried; black women and Hispanic women continue to be disproportionately represented among abortion patients.”

———————————————-💓 More #BLACK #BABIES will be killed “on the table” than any other race. By sheer virtue of the #s. And if #RACISM is as big of an issue as we say it is... black babies will go/be killed after coming out alive, more than any other race... then brown babies....then of course girls before boys. ———————————————-💓

If there is a concern about race.... THIS IS A HUGE RACE/ethnicity issue.

With the black abortion numbers being this high... there should be an OUTCRY among black people about black babies.


WATCH: Sen. Tim Scott DESTROYS Anti-Life Dems on Senate Floor

-- (courtesy of White House Brief)

Democrats are officially the anti-life party after they blocked a bill to protect babies who survive abortion attempts.


Fact is....many politicians voted against the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act (S. 130), effectively killing the lifesaving bill.

It is unthinkable that any U.S. Senator would vote to support infanticide and allow medical care to be denied to a living, breathing, helpless human being, but we must remember that the world will do what the world will do. We cannot hold allegiance to any one political party, but our allegiance must always be to Christ Jesus. First. Last. Only.

#REPENTFORTHENATION This is #evil incarnate.

Shauna Harrison

For His Glory, Shauna Harrison



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