When Did It All Become Ok?

When did it all become ok for our children to be exposed to so much of what used to be considered "adult content"?

We have morphed into a society that no longer values the pureness of the innocent child. Although we say that we do value it, our actions prove otherwise far too often.

As mom of 4 biological kids of my own 4 #adopted kids, I find myself studying the patterns and seasons of what the secular #culture ascribes to, flows with and even creates and my view...a #kingdomgirlsview which has a prophetic edge and a Godly compass attached to it, sees these ebbs and tides as quite planned and intentional. Biblical #prophecy stands as TRUTH as we continue to see it unfold and God's plans fall into place. Don't be mistaken. Satan is working ferociously to gain ground in the next generation's lives and his biggest efforts are through media. If we aren't careful about protecting our children, all while arming them with TRUTH, we will fight battles and cause our kids to have to fight battles that we should have protected them from....or at the very least, #ARMED them to fight and #WIN.

Little Eyes Stay Closed

While we want to protect the little eyes of our loved ones, it won't always be possible. More often than not, we will find ourselves running #damagecontrol on what they've been exposed to...explaining away what has already been carved onto their psyche. The best course of action in these cases, is lots of conversation and keeping the flow of two way dialogue going as much as possible. Always line what you're saying up with the word of God. Every human being needs a moral compass that flows from the Father. It is connected to the core of our being. Everyone of us. It is never enough to say that something is right or wrong because "I said so".

Little Ears Stay Plugged

Here are 3 things that can be harmful to little ears.....big ones too.

  • listening to music that directly influences negatively how he thinks

  • being spoken to in a degrading way or hearing a loved one spoken to in a degrading way

  • Being exposed to lots of cursing and swearing. This wears on the soul of a person and creates an internal dialogue that will manifest in the near future that sounds like what he's been hearing.

Thank you for sharing in my day!

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