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As the Lord shares His heart, His plans and His will for a thing, it is His desire that I am obedient to the calling and mantle He has clothed me with. Prophets must be extremely careful about what they share, when they share and even if they share a thing that has been revealed. It is a Prophet's job to stay close to the heart of the Father, with their ear closely held to His heart. The Prophetic visions, dreams, and utterances I share here with you are to be prayed over, pondered and even brought before the Lord to see what, if anything He would have you to do in the matter. Perhaps, you are a vessel that Abba Father wants to use to advance His kingdom in the earth. We are in the last days and time is short. There is much to do and not a lot of time to waste. Let's make full use of the time and be about our Father's business.

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I am compelled to share this vision the Lord showed me yesterday in prayer. 
I saw the likeness of Spirit of the Lord in the form of a large billowing Fire in the earth, and this Fire was like a mighty wind —-blowing and blowing and burning up and burning up and burning up things that had been set in place and were esteemed as important by the church. 
I asked the Lord in that moment, “What is this? What is this place?”...and before I could even finish the question....I heard Him say “High Places in the CHURCH.”
He then began to make me understand that the church has set up HIGH PLACES with in! 
We have set up HIGH PLACES within the walls, within the organization, within the movement, within the denomination, WITHIN that HE HAS NO PART IN! They are places of WORSHIP —NOT UNTO HIM—WITHIN OUR CHURCHES, DENOMINATIONS, BUILDINGS, ORGANIZATIONS & HE is coming to BURN THEM UP, DESTROY THEM, BURN THEM DOWN in His Displeasure! 🔥

We MUST seek His face now, church to see where this applies to us each!! 
We repent, Lord God. Jesus, we love you and will have not other before you! 
Forgive us and show us where we have failed. Help us to get it right, in the name of Jesus’ Christ! Amen.

High places are places of worship to other gods. High places are places of worship, altars to demonic spirits, idols that WE have set up.

Leviticus 26:30

'I then will destroy your high places, and cut down your incense altars, and heap your remains on the remains of your idols, for My soul shall abhor you.




The Lord has brought this vision back to me...Allow me to share as a warning and for the encouragement to break free!


In the realm of the spirit, God showed a book behind a book.

The Spirit began to say that these two books represent the LIFE that many PRESENT to the world and the ACTUAL LIFE that they are living.

The BOOK on top was the book that men and women were presenting to the world. It was a clean, new and well cared for book. The 2nd BOOK was directly behind the clean book, but it was DIRTY, WORN AND NASTY TO HOLD. (to the touch-dirty)

THIS book, the Spirit said, represents the "HIDDEN SEXUAL SIN in the body of Christ among both LEADERS and non- leaders that is being HIDDEN. The Spirit began to speak about the filthy lives the body of Christ is living and living in, but faking and putting on a show for the church and for the world.

He continued to speak to me about how Satan has so many YOKED in a yoke of sin and shame with hidden sexual sin. He began to say that There are many unable to be all that He has called them to be...unable to cry aloud and spare not what the Lord God would have them to say & who will never reach their full potential if they DON'T GET FREE & WALK UPRIGHT and put away the shame and the PRIDE OF THEIR HIDDEN lifestyle and live HOLY.


Let me warn you with the love of Christ! Don't walk in shame but walk out of your lifestyle of repeated sexual sin and weakness and make the decision to get free by the power of the Holy SPIRIT. Some of you need deliverance from the yoke of bondage that the enemy has been able to get you bound with and keep you bound with. The rest of you must determine in your hearts to put the sin away and live for Christ. You can do this with the power of God in your lives.


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The Spirit of the Lord took me into a dream and I was immediately in a large store, sort of like a Walmart or a Target. I immediately saw myself being taken down off of the shelf and placed on the floor. When my feet hit the floor in one of the aisles of the store, sick and maimed people began appearing. I saw a man in a wheelchair who had been there his entire life and he looked at me as if I had something for him. He looked at me with expectancy. I realized that he was expecting me to heal him by the power of Jesus. He grabbed onto the arms of the chair as he prepared to stand, his faith was already kicking in. The Lord began speaking to me about the season He is bringing upon His people; a season where Joel 2 would be manifested like never before and where Mark 10 would be the norm. We must walk circumspectly before the Lord. We must be Holy in our living and be vessels worthy to be used. There is a world waiting to know who Jesus is and as a representative of Him in the earth....the time is NOW.




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